Why Choose Furnished Corporate Housing in Atlanta for Temporary Furnished Housing

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Why Choose Furnished Corporate Housing in Atlanta for Temporary Furnished Housing

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Short-term rental options in Atlanta, such as Airbnb and extended stay hotels, are popping up all over the city to accommodate those needing short term housing for extended work projects, extended vacations, student housing, and much more. And for good reasons… Temporary housing is awesome. It provides you a temporary living space that is completely furnished with amenities, and it allows you to stay organized and on-top of your work or life priorities, as well as stay afloat in today’s busy world.

When you are searching for temporary housing in Atlanta, you may strike a deal with a private temporary housing agent, or you may choose to stay in an extended stay hotel. These may seem like accommodating and cost-saving options, but a more affordable temporary housing choice is corporate housing.

When people hear the term corporate housing, they may think that it only accommodates business travelers. However, corporate housing is much more than that. Corporate housing is simply a blanket term for temporary housing. Let us explain.

Corporate Housing is Not Just for Business Travelers

The term “corporate housing” was first used in the business industry when corporations and employers would find temporary housing for their traveling business employees and traveling nurses. Today, however, the term is simply a blanket term for anyone searching for a temporary furnished apartment. This includes individuals, families, students needing temporary student housing, traveling nurses, business travelers, and much more.

Who Uses Corporate Housing in Atlanta?

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to live out of a suitcase.

Check out the awesome benefits of Atlanta corporate housing to help make your decision a little bit easier!

Live in A Comfortable, Homelike Atmosphere that is Fully Furnished

Our corporate apartments in Atlanta are completely furnished and are your very own home.  They include full kitchens, washer and dryers, internet and cable, extra space, and much more.

Our furnished apartment amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Large dining and living spaces
  • Swimming pools
  • Balconies
  • Washers and dryers
  • Business and fitness centers
  • Covered parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV
  • Garden bathtubs
  • Full-sized kitchens
  • Many more amazing amenities… contact us to find out more!

CorporateHousinginAtlanta - Why Choose Furnished Corporate Housing in Atlanta for Temporary Furnished Housing

You Don’t Have to Live Out of a Suitcase

Your apartment is move in ready. Say goodbye to the boxes, heavy furniture, and moving expenses. Since our corporate apartments in Atlanta are fully furnished, you don’t have to live out of a suitcase or even pay for moving expenses. Our units are fully stocked with the best linens, furniture, and much more.

Located in Residential Neighborhoods and Not Busy Interstates

Most extended stay hotels are located near busy interstates. Living near major interstates make it easy and convenient to hop on the road, but it is inconvenient if you are living there. making it convenient to hop on the road but inconvenient if you are living there. Extended stay hotels can be very noisy especially if they are near busy roads and highways.

Located in safe neighborhoods with a quick commute to Atlanta and all the surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods, the corporate apartments are near in Atlanta’s best residential neighborhoods with close proximity to local shopping, restaurants, schools, entertainment, and more.

Residents can take advantage of the city’s unique offerings and enjoy local food and entertainment options, all within a short walking distance.

Bring Your Pets

Bring your furry or feathery pets to your corporate apartment stay in Atlanta. This includes dogs, cats, and birds. For dogs, the weight limit is 60 lbs. Pet caregivers must complete a Pet Application before occupying the unit. Click here to read about our Pet Policy.

CorporateHousingAtlanta - Why Choose Furnished Corporate Housing in Atlanta for Temporary Furnished Housing

Private Space with Plenty of Room

Corporate apartments offer 61% more square feet than hotel rooms. You will have plenty of space and privacy to take care of your business, family, and life commodities with extra living space. Your units even accommodate space for visiting guests.

In addition, temporary housing and extended stay hotels aren’t exactly the most private. For example, guests are constantly coming and going in extended stay hotels, and with private stays, homeowners could be in and out during your stay.

short term furnished apartments in atlanta ga - Why Choose Furnished Corporate Housing in Atlanta for Temporary Furnished Housing

Cooking is Always an Option with Your Full-Size Kitchen

Whether you’re traveling for business or relocating living spaces, eating out is usually the go-to dinner choice. Even though we love the amazing restaurants in Atlanta, they’re definitely not an every day or night option. We all know eating out isn’t too friendly on your wallet or your health. If you rent a corporate apartment, your unit will come furnished with a full-size kitchen, so cooking for yourself and/or your family/guests is always an option. And when you choose to dine out, check out our favorite Atlanta restaurants in our Fun Things to Do in Atlanta guide.

If you are interested in more information about our temporary housing or if you need to rent a corporate apartment in Atlanta, contact us here for more information, or call us today at (770) 766-3365!