Why Choose Atlanta Corporate Housing Over A Hotel?

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Why Choose Atlanta Corporate Housing Over A Hotel?

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For decades, companies have used corporate housing over hotels for their employee’s extended stays in Atlanta. Corporate housing brings many benefits to business travelers that have been relocated to another city for work related trips. At Furnished Apartments Atlanta, we bring the very best in Atlanta corporate housing for corporations, companies, and their work staff.

Unlike hotels, Atlanta corporate housing functions as a home away from home, bringing comfort, space, and security to help make the traveler’s stay convenient, relaxed, and restful.

Here are the key benefits to choosing Atlanta corporate housing for your extended work travel stay:

  1. Accommodate your family or multiple occupants – we do not charge per person
  2. Comfort – full-size apartment compared to efficiency size hotel room (avg. hotel = 400 sq.ft. vs. avg. apartment = 800 sq.ft.)
  3. No hotel tax of 15% or more (for stays longer than 30 days)
  4. Complete kitchen with appliances compared to a kitchenette
  5. Convenience – use of all apartment community amenities (including pool, fitness centers, business center, parking, etc.)
  6. Ability to accommodate your family pets

Furnished Apartments Atlanta is a turn-key solution for Atlanta corporate housing needs.

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  • We manage the setup, delivery, utility connections and deposits for all services
  • One monthly bill instead of processing individual bills for rent, electric, cable, water, gas, phone, furniture, housewares, maid service, long distance
  • Full size Washer and Dryer
  • We schedule, manage and handle special maid service cleanings and custom requests
  • Direct corporate billing – consolidate your inventory for accounting relief
  • Professional management – removing you from the day to day needs of your occupants
  • Lower overall costs to you. Flexible lease terms
  • All major credit cards accepted

Work travel and relocation is tedious, tiresome, and complicated. Let Furnished Apartments Atlanta make your stay one that you will remember fondly. Occupying a private, fully furnished apartment during your out of town work will lead to more productivity, better sleep, and an overall more delightful experience.

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