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In many cases, if you are seeking a job, a relocation may be necessary or even imperative. In other instances, the jobseeker might want to move to a new location, and is thus proactively seeking employment and work in a specific part of the country. According to research conducted by Monster, about half of those seeking a new job would be willing to relocate to a new place for the right opportunity. If you are looking to relocate for work, check out our job relocation tips below.

5 Job Relocation Tips to Help You Smoothly Transition to a New City

1. Explore Your Options

Before deciding on one concrete place, conduct your research on prospective destinations, and conduct it well. Do research on how different places differ from one another, and then and only then, make a smart choice regarding where you want to move. Partnering up with a real expert in the market, for example, a furnished apartment and corporate housing provider, could help you more efficiently determine your relocation designation for your job.

2. Use the Salary Calculator

Moving to a new city? Check the salary calculator.

3. Look at the Cost of Living

It’s important to determine the cost of living in a new city. Check out this cost of living calculator.

4. Start Networking

Once you have decided on a destination and target relocation for your job search, you should start reaching out to professionals in your field and in your area who may help you land a position in your desired relocation city. You can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to stay in touch with different professionals and contacts throughout your city.

5. Rent Corporate Housing or Short Term Furnished Apartments Instead of a Hotel

Booking short-term furnished apartment during your job search can save you a lot of hassle, be ideal and stress free, and gives you the advantage and comfort of having a local home away from home.

Ready to rent corporate housing or short term furnished apartments? Call us today at 770-766-3365, or contact us online here. Visit our website for more information.


When traveling for business, corporate travelers no longer turn to the usual cramped hotel or

motel room. Now business travelers are turning to furnished apartments for the comfort,

convenience, and beyond satisfactory experience. Whether you refer to them by corporate

apartments, furnished corporate apartments, extended stay rentals, temporary apartment

housing, temporary corporate housing, short-term housing, or anything in between: the perks

and benefits of a furnished apartment surpass those of a hotel or a motel room by a great deal.

Advantages of furnished apartments:

Cost Advantages: According to an article published by USA today, furnished apartments are

more budget friendly and economical than hotels, in particular, for longer business trips.

Employers are often interested in corporate and furnished apartments because these solutions

offer employees greater accommodations and business-friendly amenities to make the best out

o their business trip.

More Spacious

In contrast to a typical cramped hotel or motel room, furnished apartments generally offer at

least a minimum of double the square footage you would get in your typical small hotel or motel

room. This is often a desired aspect of business travelers, as they often want extra space to get

their work done and such. They want to be comfortable on the job.

Home Away From Home

Another reason why an incision number of corporate travelers have a preference of furnished

apartments rather than hotel or motel stays is because the feel of a furnished apartment is a lot

like home.

Ready to book a furnished apartment?

For advantages and benefits regarding cost, comfort, and convenience — furnished apartments

offer an experience like no other for your next business trip. For more information, reach out to

Atlanta Accommodations, Atlanta’s first choice in Furnished Apartments, at 770-396-5596 or

email us at


For corporate travelers who are required to travel frequently for business purposes, packing

efficiently can become quite a hassle, especially when you are spending a lot of time on the

road or in air. Business trip packing is a whole other ballgame in contrast to packing for a

regular trip. It is a general rule of thumb to pack ‘light’ when traveling for business, as this

makes the corporate traveler’ stuff more manageable, within reach, and with less luggage, there

is a minimal chance of misplacing anything. Here are some business traveler tips to help you

travel and pack like a pro:

1. Have a Plan

While this may seem like an obvious and easy thing to do, plan smartly and

efficiently about what you need to pack. Bring the essentials. Pack light. Plan accordingly.

Business trip packing starts with having an itinerary on hand, having a list of the things you need

to bring, and much more.

2. Roll Your Clothes

After you have planned out what is going to be needed on your trip, roll

your clothes instead of traditionally folding them inside your luggage, as this takes up

much more space.

3. Wear Neutral Colors

For any business trip, black is the best friend of any corporate and

business traveler. Wearing neutrals that match and go with everything will save you a lot more

room in your suitcase. Go for basic styles and colors to maximize your wardrobe for your

business trip.

4. Carry-On Convenience

It is also a general rule of thumb that for business trips and

corporate travelers, carry-on’s are the best, as the chances of mishaps and misplacement get

cut down to practically nothing, as your luggage is always within reach.

5. Utilize Mobile Apps

Instead of hauling around your boarding pass and other various

documents, utilize your smartphone, you corporate traveler you! Download your airline’s mobile

app and conveniently pull up the boarding pass when you are in line at airport security.

Have you considered corporate housing or furnished apartments in the Atlanta area? Booking a

temporary furnished apartment can considerably ease and lift off substantial burden of your

business trip. Atlanta Accommodations and is here to help you!

Call us today at 770-396-5596 or email us at for more information on our

corporate housing solutions!


It is no secret that furnished apartments in Atlanta offer far more advantages for business and

corporate travelers, leisure travelers, and those looking for a temporary or extended home away

from home. However, there might be some things about furnished apartments that you weren’t

aware of:

What are furnished apartments in Atlanta?

Did you know that…

Furnished apartments go by many names

There are many industry terms that furnished apartments go by. Essentially, all these names

point out that a furnished apartment is a home away from home. They offer full-service

amenities and are primarily for stays 30 days or more. Whether they are referred to by corporate

apartments, furnished apartments, corporate housing, temporary furnished rentals, full-serviced

apartments, short-term stay rentals, executive suites, extended stay apartments, or anything in

between–we promise you a home away from home.

Furnished Apartments in Atlanta Cut Down on Extra Costs

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHIPA) recommends that when comparing the

costs for employee accommodations, extra costs incurred at hotel and motel rooms should be

considered and be contrasted to the all-inclusive price of a furnished apartment. Furnished

apartments in Atlanta offer many amenities and conveniences for business and corporate

traveler. Hotels often add ‘extra’ fees. Furnished apartments for rent in Atlanta, GA have

completely transparent monthly fees to make it easer. Since short-term furnished apartments in

Atlanta do not generally charge for extra services, staying in corporate housing/furnished

apartments can result in overall savings of 40-50% over hotel or motel room stays.

Furnished Apartments Keep Your Diet Healthy

Since every traveler gets access to a full-service kitchen in their furnished apartment, they are

free to cook whatever meals they desire instead of having to eat out the whole duration of their


Ready to book a furnished apartment in Atlanta, GA? Visit our website at www.furnished- to find out more.


Anyone, looking for furnished apartments Atlanta to stay? Well, those who are searching for a new place to move in, Atlanta Accommodations is a great and affordable choice for them. Property owners have made fully equipped apartments to get maximum attention of possible clients. These apartments provide several advantages for staying in a Furnished Apartments to entice clients:

  • If you have just started your family and unwilling to spend extra money on purchasing furniture sets and other housing amenities, then it is ideal to rent a furnished space as it provides all such facilities. They will provide you furnished beds, dining table, chairs, cabinets, kitchen appliances. The money you saved here can be used either for future savings or monthly rental payment.
  • As they are providing all of the essential housing furniture, you do not have to stress yourself for bringing your stuff when you move into the apartment. When in future you again think of moving to another apartment, you will not feel burdened to pack your furniture stuff and take to your next place.
  • Comfortable living space is another advantage when moving into a fully furnished apartment. For those who are looking for a furnished apartment, choosing a short term tenancy is the ideal option for them.
  • If your job requires you to move frequently from one location to another, then you should search for fully furnished apartments to make it easy for you to move in and out. You would not have to worry about apartment maintenance as it is the responsibility of house owner to do so. If any problem occurs; owner will be a one phone call away.

There are lots of such kinds of furnished rental apartments available. You can search over the Internet and contact one which suits your budget and your requirement.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns regarding our furnished apartments Atlanta accommodation services.


There are many options for a person that is going to be staying anywhere for more than a few days and Atlanta is no different. One of the options that most people forget is that of the furnished apartment. This does not make sense for every single case out there, but in many cases, it is a great option.

There are many levels of furnished apartments that can meet the needs of someone that is going to be in town for more than a few days. With telecommuting and the internet, the job market is a lot different than it was a few years ago and the ways that jobs get done is a lot different. There are many people that work thousands of miles away from the home office and that means the occasional business trip to get things in order.

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If someone plans on being in town more than 3 days, the cost of the average hotel or motel can be near as much as a week or more in a furnished apartment. There are efficiency apartments that have everything that a person needs to live and prosper and there are fully furnished full size apartments. There fact that these both have a kitchen makes it a lot cheaper to eat when out of town also.


People need a little space to relax and do their best work. A vacation without relaxation is far from a vacation. Having the room to stretch out and relax can make a big difference on any trip and sometimes a motel room is just a little too cramped. This is especially true when a person starts lying out clothes and unpacking. The chaos of a crowed motel or hotel room and highly affect the mood of just about anyone.

If there is more than one person in residence, then the effect of not having enough space is amplified and the entire trip can be ruined in a short period of time. The only way to save a vacation or business trip where multiple people are sharing the same space is to ensure that there is at least a small level of privacy where people can be alone for a little bit of time.

No matter how well two people know each other, they are going to need small space and a small furnished apartment can make or break a multiple person trip of any kind, whether it be for business or pleasure. It is always good to have a little time apart and take a small breather, even for those that were just married. Atlanta is a great place to visit and a furnished apartment can make that trip a dream come true.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns regarding our our furnished apartment Atlanta accommodation services. If you are interested in learning more about furnished apartments for longer trips then contact us today.


Whether you are heading out for a long business trip, relocating, or need a place to stay for a decent amount of time in Atlanta, Georgia, you might be considering corporate housing versus hotels. Hotels seem to be a quick and easy idea but it can end up being more costly over time and not quite as spacious or comfortable of a stay.

Consider that hotels have to be paid for every night you stay, whereas corporate housing can be rented out at much more reasonable rates for a couple for a weeks, often up to 30 days and even longer if need be. You also have to deal with hotel tax that adds up over your stay, but not with corporate housing. It allows you to have a longer stay without as much of the financial burden.

Hotel rooms are also often small, no more than 400 square feet for a typical room. Corporate housing gives you double the space, especially corporate housing in Atlanta. It is essentially a fully furnished apartment with several rooms and the kind of space that you will find comfortable to work, sleep and stay in. You will have a kitchen area to fill with groceries and prepare meals (saving you more money as well) and a space that is comfortable to stay in for such an extended period of time.

Your location is often better in regards to the city, as well as the kind of building you are staying in. An upscale building with a nice apartment is far nicer than a quick stop hotel that might not even have the sort of amenities you need for a long term stay, like being able to bring your pet, for one.

The choice is pretty clear for anyone who wants a comfortable, easy trip as opposed to a financially stressful and cramped one.

Contact Us! Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns regarding our corporate housing Atlanta accommodation services.


Atlanta is one of the most beautiful cities not just in Georgia, but in the United States as well. This is the reason why several tourists around the world pay a visit here every year. It boasts magnificent tourist spots, landmarks and sceneries. Apart from that, Atlanta has a stable economy, making it a haven for businessmen and investors.

Coming to Atlanta? We Have A Temporary Home for You

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Atlanta this summer, you don’t have anything to worry about, as you will always have a great place to stay. With the furnished apartments provided by Furnished Apartments Atlanta, your Atlanta stay will be more wonderful, fun, and memorable because it offers more space than a usual hotel room. It also features clean interiors, great ambiance, and a complete range of amenities, including large dining and living spaces, swimming pools, balconies, dryers and washers, business and fitness centers, covered parking, air conditioning, cable TV, garden bathtubs, full-sized kitchens and many more.

With these offers and amenities, you will have lots of fun things to do with your family, friends or business partners. What sets Furnished Apartments Atlanta apart from hotels and other corporate housing is that it will cater to your individual needs and will give you satisfaction and convenience.

Short Term Furnished Apartment in Atlanta

Do you want to spend your summer getaway in Atlanta with your friends or family or do you have an upcoming business trip in the city? No matter what intention you have in going to Atlanta, you will always have the best and safest place to stay in Atlanta because Furnished Apartments Atlanta exist. This is by far one of the most premier companies that offer elegant, well-furnished, clean and invigorating corporate apartments Atlanta and furnished apartments Atlanta that feature a wide range of first-class amenities.

Corporate Housing Atlanta

On the other hand, if you will be having a business trip this summer, Furnished Apartments Atlanta also offers first-class corporate housing in Atlanta that will make you feel like a VIP. Any corporate apartment unit you choose to stay at will provide you the best feeling in the world because everything is set up with you in mind. Apart from first-class amenities, you will also be impressed by the dedicated customer service of the staff. Every personnel working in the accommodation will give you a VIP treatment.

Our Corporate Housing and Short Term Furnished Apartments in Atlanta Locations

We provide corporate housing and short term furnished apartments in Atlanta. Furnished Apartments Atlanta is located in the following locations: Stone Mountain, Conyers, Smyrna, Decatur, Kennesaw, Duluth, Midtown, Downtown, Norcross, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Marietta and Dunwoody. Thus, wherever part of Atlanta you are in, there are always furnished and corporate apartments you can stay at.


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    ATL Accomodations provides outstanding properties and outstanding customer service. My 2-3 month stay was pleasant and hassle free. My apartment was clean and close to all amenities in the Perimeter. A big thanks to Suzanne. She made the … More whole experience smooth and responded to any inquiries I had in a more than timely manner. Thanks, Suzanne!!!
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    The management is quick to respond and is very accommodating. The cost is reasonable in relation to a hotel that does not offer the same level of amenities. I strongly recommend this opportunity to fellow business travelers.
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    On my wife's google account, but... Atlanta accommodations was a great experience. I needed a short term rental for a few months without a long contract as I was only there for work for an unspecified time and this was the answer unless … More i wanted to live in an economy hotel for not much less or spend way more money to stay in a nice hotel. The apartment was really nice and rates were reasonable per the no contract pricing. Luis, Nancy, and Suzanne were all really helpful. I would definitely recommend Atlanta Accommodations, especially for insurance adjusters.
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    Luis and his team are a pleasure to work with. Quick with communication and attentiveness to details. We recommend Furnished Apartments Atlanta to anyone in need of short term apartment rental needs.
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    Very professional and attentive services; made our 3 month residency very comfortable and pleasent.
    Apartment is well kept and maintained
    Office is Quick and responsive to all questions

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