Need A Short-Term Rental In Atlanta?

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Need A Short-Term Rental In Atlanta?

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Are you relocating to Atlanta and need a short-term rental for the transition? Relocating to any city can be a very stressful and involved process. And relocating to a city the size of Atlanta is no exception. Having a fully furnished apartment to stay in while you transition and get your feet grounded will make your experience much easier, more comfortable, and offer a home away from home while you find your new dwellings.

Benefits of a short-term fully furnished apartment

#1 No Need To Unpack

Staying in a fully furnished short-term rental while you establish your new home in Atlanta makes packing and unpacking a thing of ease. Our apartments have all the furnishings you will need to stay without unearthing all of your possessions.

#2 Convenient Locations

All of our short-term Atlanta rentals are in desireable neighborhoods near the exploding restaurant scene, tourist attractions, and nightlife of the South’s busiest city.

#3 One Monthly Bill

During your short-term stay at Furnished Apartments Atlanta, all your expenses are on one monthly all-inclusive bill. Ditch the boxes and heavy furniture. We’ve made it simple for you; all you need to bring are your personal belongings and toothbrush.

#4 More Room, Less Hassle

Our short-term rental apartments offer over 60% more room than a traditional hotel. This means more space for you to relax and fewer people crowding the common areas of your building.

Rent a Furnished Short-Term Apartment in Atlanta

Are you looking for a furnished short-term rental in Atlanta? We have the perfect one for you! There are two ways to contact us — call us at 770-766-3365, or fill out our contact form.

Furnished Apartments Atlanta is not an agency; instead, we eliminate the middleman. You lease directly through us! We provide move-in ready, furnished apartments for rent short-term in Atlanta for 30 days or more. The best part is, everything is included in one all-inclusive monthly bill for an affordable price.

Ditch the heavy boxes and furniture. Our short-term rentals come fully furnished with luxury amenities, including washer and dryers, large dining and living spaces, full-size kitchens, garden bathtubs, fitness centers, and covered parking. Our extended-stay apartments in Atlanta are superior to hotels and are ideal for business travelers, home buyers, employee relocation, temporary assignments, consultants, insurance displacements, or those visiting friends and family.