Corporate Housing Tips: What The Business Traveler Should Not Pack on Business Trips

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Corporate Housing Tips: What The Business Traveler Should Not Pack on Business Trips

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Are you traveling for business purposes in the near future? It is safe to say there is already so

much that goes on with business trips – housing accommodations, local transportation services,

meetings, and other aspects of the usual business trip. The team here at Atlanta

Accommodations has compiled a useful list of things not to pack when traveling for business.

The last thing any traveler wants is unpleasant hold ups or incidences at the TSA prior to their

departure. Whether you are  bringing solely carry-on items or checking in bags, these are some

important factors to consider when deciding what not to pack for your business trip:

– Liquids

If you wish to bring liquids onto any carry-on that you are bringing directly to the flight, then it

must be sealed and less than three ounces. The same goes for any water bottles or drinks

purchased prior to departure. Pour the desired liquids you would like to take into containers less

than three ounces.

– Documents

Although this may seem obvious when packing for a business trip, make sure to have all your

necessary and important documents accessible and ready to present. Remember, once you

have passed through airport security, secure your ID safely. You can also check if the airline you

are flying with has a mobile application with a responsive boarding pass feature. Download your

airline’s app, and you can have your digital boarding pass at the tips of your fingers.

Tip: If your business trip is domestic, we suggest you only bring your state-issued ID and not a

passport, as you will have one less important document to carry and take care of.

– Valuables

Keep your valuable and important items close to you. The chances of your luggage getting lost

or stolen are very minimal, but we still recommend keeping your electronic valuables and other

things within reach of you at all times. Once you have settled in your furnished apartment for

your stay of any duration in the Atlanta area, you can unpack and secure your things in one of

the full-sized spacious furnished corporate apartments that are waiting for you.

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