Benefits of Relocating to Atlanta for Work

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Benefits of Relocating to Atlanta for Work

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A popular emerging business operations trend in the corporate world is short-term business assignments. Temporary employee relocation assignments are a growing trend among sectors like software, healthcare, education, professional services, and real estate. These assignments involving relocating employees to perform temporary work or provide/receive training for less than 12 months in a different city.

The most common type of short-term business assignment is project-based where employers send top talent to collaborate on projects.

What are Short-Term Relocation Business Assignments?

Short-term relocations assignments typically last less than 12 months in a single location. Short-term business assignments are utilized by corporations and organizations across the country in order to meet a variety of needs, such as project completion, skill expansion, and training.

Whether it be gaining knowledge or expanding your department’s skillset, both organizations and employees can benefit from a short-term relocation assignment.

Atlanta: A Desirable City for Temporary Work

Atlanta is a fast paced city known for its Southern hospitality and busy mentality. It is a bolstering hub for the business, arts, and technology world.

Big names like Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company, and Delta Air Lines are among the chief key players bleeding Atlanta-ness through their roots and proudly calling Atlanta their home.

Atlanta is quickly rising to the top as the leader in technology, with Atlanta being the largest IT employment cluster in the U.S. Since 2010, Atlanta’s tech jobs have grown by 50% (which is 20% more than the nation’s average), and this number continues to rise.

“I was offered an opportunity to relocate to Atlanta for a short-term work assignment. Should I take the offer?”

CorporateHousingAtlanta - Benefits of Relocating to Atlanta for Work

Before you accept the offer, make sure to evaluate the possible benefits of a relocation assignment to Atlanta before you make the move. But remember, the benefits are impeccable!

Employee Benefits of Relocating to Atlanta for Work:

  • Expansion of skill set and further develop existing skills
  • Create unique networking opportunities
  • Gain invaluable experience
  • Exercise leadership skills
  • Opportunity for recognition within your organization
  • Experience the city of Atlanta culture

Organization Benefits of Relocating Employees to Atlanta for Work:

  • Help close skill gaps as relocation employee can train others in that area that capabilities are needed
  • No need to outsource or hire outside

Home Away from Home: Rent a Corporate Apartment in Atlanta

CorporateHousinginAtlanta - Benefits of Relocating to Atlanta for Work

When traveling for short-term business assignments, choose to stay in corporate housing in Atlanta. Corporate housing is much more affordable than extended-stay hotels.

Corporate apartments in Atlanta are fully-furnished, and everything is included on one monthly bill. Your short-term apartment comes with a washer and dryer, full size kitchen, a completely furnished home, and much more. See what’s included in our Corporate Housing Atlanta packages.

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