5 Reasons to Stay in a Furnished Apartment When Traveling For Business


5 Reasons to Stay in a Furnished Apartment When Traveling For Business

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When traveling for business, corporate travelers no longer turn to the usual cramped hotel or

motel room. Now business travelers are turning to furnished apartments for the comfort,

convenience, and beyond satisfactory experience. Whether you refer to them by corporate

apartments, furnished corporate apartments, extended stay rentals, temporary apartment

housing, temporary corporate housing, short-term housing, or anything in between: the perks

and benefits of a furnished apartment surpass those of a hotel or a motel room by a great deal.

Advantages of furnished apartments:

Cost Advantages: According to an article published by USA today, furnished apartments are

more budget friendly and economical than hotels, in particular, for longer business trips.

Employers are often interested in corporate and furnished apartments because these solutions

offer employees greater accommodations and business-friendly amenities to make the best out

o their business trip.

More Spacious

In contrast to a typical cramped hotel or motel room, furnished apartments generally offer at

least a minimum of double the square footage you would get in your typical small hotel or motel

room. This is often a desired aspect of business travelers, as they often want extra space to get

their work done and such. They want to be comfortable on the job.

Home Away From Home

Another reason why an incision number of corporate travelers have a preference of furnished

apartments rather than hotel or motel stays is because the feel of a furnished apartment is a lot

like home.

Ready to book a furnished apartment?

For advantages and benefits regarding cost, comfort, and convenience — furnished apartments

offer an experience like no other for your next business trip. For more information, reach out to

Atlanta Accommodations, Atlanta’s first choice in Furnished Apartments, at 770-396-5596 or

email us at luwit@windstream.net.