3 Things You Didn’t Know About Furnished Apartments in Atlanta


3 Things You Didn’t Know About Furnished Apartments in Atlanta

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It is no secret that furnished apartments in Atlanta offer far more advantages for business and

corporate travelers, leisure travelers, and those looking for a temporary or extended home away

from home. However, there might be some things about furnished apartments that you weren’t

aware of:

What are furnished apartments in Atlanta?

Did you know that…

Furnished apartments go by many names

There are many industry terms that furnished apartments go by. Essentially, all these names

point out that a furnished apartment is a home away from home. They offer full-service

amenities and are primarily for stays 30 days or more. Whether they are referred to by corporate

apartments, furnished apartments, corporate housing, temporary furnished rentals, full-serviced

apartments, short-term stay rentals, executive suites, extended stay apartments, or anything in

between–we promise you a home away from home.

Furnished Apartments in Atlanta Cut Down on Extra Costs

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHIPA) recommends that when comparing the

costs for employee accommodations, extra costs incurred at hotel and motel rooms should be

considered and be contrasted to the all-inclusive price of a furnished apartment. Furnished

apartments in Atlanta offer many amenities and conveniences for business and corporate

traveler. Hotels often add ‘extra’ fees. Furnished apartments for rent in Atlanta, GA have

completely transparent monthly fees to make it easer. Since short-term furnished apartments in

Atlanta do not generally charge for extra services, staying in corporate housing/furnished

apartments can result in overall savings of 40-50% over hotel or motel room stays.

Furnished Apartments Keep Your Diet Healthy

Since every traveler gets access to a full-service kitchen in their furnished apartment, they are

free to cook whatever meals they desire instead of having to eat out the whole duration of their


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